Quick Review: “Could I Vote for a Mormon for President?” by Ryan Cragun and Rick Phillips

I came across this easy-to-read book on Net Galley and downloaded it into my Adobe Digital Reader. With Mitt Romney’s face emblazoned on the cover, it is quite timely, however it is at heart a straightforward introduction to the tenets of Mormonism. Both authors were raised Mormon and both cheerily write that while his religion won’t make a difference to his job performance, they won’t be voting for Romney.

I have several friends who are LDS/Mormon, so I feel that I’m probably more familiar with Mormon beliefs and religious traditions than the average American. However, my background is Roman Catholic and I certainly am no expert on the Mormon faith. I found this book so interesting! It is set up as a series of questions relating to the doctrines of Mormonism, then tied into Mitt Romney’s role if he becomes President of the United States. It is easy to read and written in a slightly quirky and humorous style. It is short (less than 150 pages) and I read it in a sitting.

If you are considering Romney, or just wanting to understand more about the Mormon faith, I’d recommend this book! It’s subtitle is “An Election Year Guide to Mitt Romney’s Religion”.

Thanks for my copy, Net Galley and Strange Violin Press!

Let me know what you think!

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