What’s On My Nightstand…

I haven’t done a “what’s on my nightstand” post lately because, quite honestly, it’s been more “what’s in my kindle” or “what’d I find at the library”!

This past week,though, I grew nostalgic for the feel of a shiny new book in my hands. I had end-of-the-summer malaise and felt some shopping therapy was in order, hence a few new books (purchased through Amazon):

“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed – this was recommended by my friend Alison. Of course, since Oprah has graced it with her Midas touch I’m probably the last person on earth who hasnt’ read it yet. I love the whole “healing journey, exploring inner self, time of growth” theme and look forward to it!

“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. Another book that everyone has read but me. It sounds so intriguing I just couldn’t wait for it from the library (where there were over 1,000 holds already placed on a hundred and some copies!!).

“Frommer’s Paris 2012” – yep – it’s time for a spontaneous 10th anniversary getaway – a.k.a. meeting up with my husband after a business trip – and boy am I’m glad his business trips are to places like Paris and London and not somewhere far less exciting like Omaha (no offense Omaha folks!).

“Cascade” by Maryanne O’Hara – I have a strange fascination with towns that are no longer towns because they’ve been flooded out to make way for reservoirs. This is a fictionalized story about a town in Massachusetts where this happened, focusing on a protagonist who is in a loveless marriage. Looks good and the author will be speaking at the Concord Bookshop so I will have her sign it!

What’s on your nightstand??

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