Review: Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin: a Back-to-Basics Approach by Ahmed Abdullah, MD

I found this little gem on Net Galley, and since I’m a person who has ten thousand products in her bathroom, I couldn’t wait to read it!
“Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin” is a great primer on basic skin care. Dr. Abdullah starts with the facts so that the average person can understand their skin. By reviewing how skin “works” he then proposes his approach: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, protect. Lots of information is given which helps the reader to decide what products to use and what products are unnecessary. Additionally, he has special chapters on understanding and treating acne and also the special needs of skin that has undergone cancer treatment (radiation, etc.).

I just loved this book! I found it so readable and so interesting. I have always been a bit obsessed with beauty products, but since reading this book, I feel I am a more educated consumer. Some product claims that sounded too good to be true to me, or illogical, really are! Also, Dr. Abdullah has his own line of skin care products and I’ll be honest: I was afraid that the book would turn into a commercial for them, but it does not. Except for a few references to his “skin care line”, I would have only found information on his products in his bio.

I’d recommend this book for those who want to better understand their skin. There is something in this book for all ages, teen to older adult.

Thanks, Net Galley and Green Leaf Book Group Press, for my copy!
This book releases on 9/1/12.

Let me know what you think!

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