Review: “Wildflowers from Winter” by Katie Ganshert

Through Blogging for Books, I received a free download of “Wildflowers from Winter” to review.
In “Wildflowers from Winter”, Bethany Quinn returns to her home (which she vowed to leave behind forever) when her childhood friend’s husband dies. Bethany is uncomfortable with her mother, her friend, and her town. She hasn’t spoken to her friend in years. She relishes the time she spends with her grandfather, who owns a farm where she spent many happy childhood hours.

Evan Price is her grandfather’s farmhand, and her friend’s brother-in-law. Bethany and Evan clash from the start. Bethany is a high-powered city architect who is tough and seemingly careless. Evan is a hard-working farmer and a Christian. He’s somewhat disgusted by Bethany self-centeredness. Bethany is derisive of his faith. When a further tragedy and then a work crisis strike, Bethany is drawn to stay at home and begins to rebuild and rethink her life’s decisions.

I really enjoyed reading this book! At first I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good fit for me as I thought I might find it predictable. I liked the story and character development. It was well-written. I also found the discussions of faith realistic.

Thank you, WaterBrook Press, for my copy!

You can visit Katie Ganshert’s website:

4 thoughts on “Review: “Wildflowers from Winter” by Katie Ganshert

    • Thanks! I’d never read much “Christian” lit before I started blogging. I really have enjoyed the books I’ve read! It seems like Water Brook Press has many Christian titles.

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