For My Ears: The Mystery of Martha by Eliza Harrison

A few months back I received the offer of an audiobook of this intriguing story: The Mystery of Martha. This was a really interesting and engaging story, following two Martha’s (one Biblical). I loved it and I especially loved the author’s narration. I just wanted to close my eyes as she had to most wonderful voice (but I didn’t because I was driving!). The story was a unique take on the Biblical Jesus and his impact on those around him and those who follow him centuries later.

Definitely a little different from my usual fare of WWII, cozy mysteries, and light romances, I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much for sharing your novel with me!

Here’s the scoop:

TITLE: The Mystery of Martha

AUTHOR: Eliza Harrison

NARRATOR: Eliza Harrison

LENGTH: 9 hours, 14 minutes

PUBLISHER: Author’s Republic




More About The Mystery of Martha

Martha of Bethany has Yeshua (Jesus) as friend and guide. With her sister Magdala and brother L’azar, she witnesses the last three years of Yeshua’s life and sees him embody the mystery and power of Love. This leads her on a journey to Avalon in the Sacred Isles, where she finds her own pathway to awakening.

Martha of Borrowdale’s story begins in 2000 AD as she faces personal challenges and betrayal. With her new partner Ben, she discovers the original Aramaic teachings of Yeshua that reveal timeless truths, which enable her to transmute her fears into love.

These two redemptive stories weave alongside each other until finally they converge. This revelatory tale of mystery and transformation sheds new light on events that happened two thousand years ago. It is also the story of the eternal search for truth, love, and freedom.

Eliza Harrison drew on her life and work to create The Mystery of Martha. She lives in Cumbria in the English Lake District, an area that she often writes about and photographs. A lifelong meditation practitioner, she currently runs Sacred Meditation with her husband David. Her journey from idea to finished novel took her to southern France, Spain, and Jerusalem.

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