Quick Review: MORTOM by Erik Therme

I found this little nugget of a mystery on Net Galley – mysterious clues, missing treasure, deceased family member who was estranged. It had all the elements of a good mystery in my opinion.

In MORTOM, Andy and his twin sister Kate find out that a cousin they haven’t been in touch with for years has died, and he has left everything to Andy. This is odd, since they weren’t close, but “everything” includes a key and a scavenger hunt to find the valuables. Deceased cousin Craig was particularly fond of crosswords and other puzzles and he’s created a complicated set of clues and information to guide Andy. While Kate wants Andy to leave well enough alone, Andy is almost obsessed with finding out what happened to Craig and why and what he was hiding. The small town of Mortom is hiding some secrets, and some of them have to do with Andy’s family.

I really enjoyed this novel, the debut for Mr. Therme. I couldn’t put it down and I love stories where you have to figure out clues and guess at things. I am thinking there will be another book coming with these characters and I look forward to it.

Find this book online or at an indie or library near you:


Thanks, Net Galley and Thomas Mercer, for my review copy!

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