Saturday Snapshot: The Bolton Geranium

photo 1 photo 3

Just wanted to share my “Bolton Geranium” with readers today!

I LOVE the history of this unique flower. In the late 1880’s, a young man, Arthur Miner, brought a cutting home from a conservatory to his wife Aurilla. She propagated it and shared it with friends and neighbors. It became known as “the Bolton Geranium” as so many people here in Bolton (MA) had it. Then in 1970, there was only one surviving plant left. Florence Sawyer (a true mainstay of this town) saved it and along with Esther Whitcomb they kept it going and producing. The plant is sold each year by the historical society in town and I was so happy to get two this year! No two petals are alike!

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: The Bolton Geranium

  1. I love geraniums, there are so many different varieties. Thank you for sharing the history of the Bolton geranium, I’d never seen one before.

  2. What a great photo of your geranium. I am anxiously waiting for it to finally be warm enough at night so I can put out some potted flowers. Geraniums are among my favorites.

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