Saturday Snapshot: SAMURAI!

This past weekend, my husband and I went in to Boston on a little getaway and to see some exhibits. At the MFA we saw the Samurai exhibit:

photo (6) SAMURAI

It was quite impressive! I also couldn’t believe the pictures came out as I wasn’t able to use a flash and the lighting was actually low.

photo (6) SAMURAI 2

Then we also went to the MOS to see the Dead Sea Scrolls — really fascinating! I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures at all there though.

In keeping with my “odd things in hotel rooms” theme, here’s a picture of the mirror in our bathroom – complete with TV! We got Wimbledon coverage while we brushed our teeth. 🙂

photo (6) TV in MIRROR

While we were only gone 24 hours, it was nice to get away and also nice to get back.

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: SAMURAI!

    • the Dead Sea Scrolls were quite fascinating – it was amazing to come so close to ancient history. And I have to say – the Samurai exhibit materials were in incredible condition -most looked brand new and they were hundreds of years old!

  1. I’m curious to know the origins of the Samurai exhibit. How was the choice made for this exhibit to be at the Museum of Fine Art? Is it a permanent one or a travelling exhibit? Great photos!

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