REVIEW: The Lost Constitution by William Martin

On a recent trip to the library, I noticed “The Lost Constitution” on the shelf. Those who read me know that I love the Martin books — history mysteries as I call them — and this one continues the adventures of Peter Fallon, rare book dealer, and his spunky yet refined girlfriend, Evangeline Carrington (how’s that for a name that drips money?), as they chase down an early annotated draft of the Constitution. Typical of Martin’s books, this one juxtaposes a current day chapter with Fallon with a historical one, tracking the document through the years. Eventually the characters and plot lines converge into an all-out race to the finish (with much violence and bloodshed, I should say).

Parallel with the storyline is the integrated subplot of a congresswoman calling for gun control and trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms). Both political factions are seeking the document to show what the founding fathers really intended (well – they only want it if it will support their views). I did find this aspect of the book a bit far-fetched. While I’m sure there would be a hunt for it, and a lot of money spent, the amount of murder and violence involved seemed a bit ridiculous. All for an old rough draft of the Constitution? That would sway the voting public? I don’t know – seemed too much for me to swallow.

However, that said, I do enjoy the historical fiction in these books and the modern-day tie-in. The end of this leaves us with a teaser of Fallon and Evangeline’s upcoming trip to France to find a book that will explain….well, I’ll guess we’ll find out!

I’d give this enjoyable read 4 Stars! I got mine at the library!

Let me know what you think!

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