QUICKIE REVIEW: Coronado by Dennis Lehane

“Coronado” by Lehane is a collection of short stories. I was familiar with Lehane from his popular best sellers of “Mystic River”, “Shutter Island”, and “Gone Baby Gone”, but I hadn’t read any of his short stories. This book contains several short stories and one play.

I enjoyed these stories a lot. Lehane’s writing is stark and accurate. It depicts the tough side of Boston with a grittiness. The characters in these short stories stayed with me after I was done reading.

I have to say, I was most excited to read the play included, but was the most disappointed in it. It is an adaptation of his short story “Until Gwen”, which I did like. I didn’t care for the transfer to stage and for the way it was staged. However, to be fair, reading a play is far different from seeing it performed.

All in all, a fine collection of stories here by a popular writer! I got mine at the library.

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