REVIEW: The Molly Murphy Series by Rhys Bowen

So – I’ve been a little quiet on the book front. That’s because I’ve been reading all of Rhys Bowen’s books that I can find in the library. (I figured you didn’t need a review of each and every one!) I had posted about her “royal spyness” books – and I read the rest of the series lately. I really enjoy these cozies about a penniless royal (34th from the throne) who solves mysteries in her spare time.  Lady Georgie is a funny and strong young woman, and the books are peopled with interesting characters.

Then I discovered her Molly Murphy series, centering on a spunky, young Irish immigrant in turn of the century New York City who solves mysteries (actually she starts her own detective agency). I’ve really enjoyed reading this series as well – as much as the royal spyness books or perhaps even more. As a descendent of Irish immigrants, I always find reading about their experience appealing. I also love historical mysteries. And I love reading about places like NYC in the past (for instance, one of the books centered on female factory workers and their quest for better working conditions).

I see Ms. Bowen has a “Constable Evans” series of cozies, too. I’ll have to check them out.

In the meantime, I highly recommend these enjoyable, well-written, and well-plotted cozy mysteries to those who like this genre!

Let me know what you think!

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