Trying to Listen to The Lacuna…

I love Barbara Kingsolver’s novels. I’ve read them all. Well – all except her latest: The Lacuna. I saw it in the library on CD and thought that would be a great way to experience it. However, that was a bad choice for me.

Let me start by saying that this book must be very long as it transferred to something like 16 CD’s. However, Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible – my favorite by her – was lengthy and I had no problem getting through it. Kingsolver is a beautiful writer. Her work is certainly not a quick beach read – or at least it’s not for me – it is literature. That said, it was not a good choice for me to listen to as I listen to books in the car. I kept losing track of what was happening. When this happens while reading, I just look back and re-read, double-check things, etc.  This wasn’t an option. I’ll be totally honest when I say: I was lost.  This is a book I should definitely read in print.

So – until that day – this review remains open!

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