REVIEW: The Favorites by Mary Yukari Waters

I grabbed “The Favorites” spontaneously at my local library a few weeks back. It tells the story of young Sarah, who is Japanese-American, first as she visits Japan with her mother as a young girl and then as she returns as an adult after her mother’s death. (SPOILER ALERT!) Sarah discovers her family’s secret – more of an unspoken fact than a secret – that her adult “cousin” is really her aunt, and that her grandmother gave her young baby girl up to her neighbor and sister-in-law, who couldn’t conceive, in the post-WWII years.

“The Favorites” is a study in relationships – mother/daughter mostly, but also sister/sister and sister/friend. It beautifully portrays these female relationships, as it also portrays the Japanese culture. Waters is a skilled writer, able to delineate character through actions and personal reflections. I really enjoyed reading this thought-provoking book.

I give it 4 Stars!

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