Review: U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

Many years ago a friend introduced me to the mysteries of Sue Grafton. At the time she had just come out with the “D” book in her alphabet series. I loved them so much I read them all and have continued to read them ever since. In fact, I wait with bated breath for the next one as they are so much fun to read!

So, it was with much excitement that I saw “U is for Undertow” on the shelf at my local Target a few weeks before Christmas. I picked it up for my husband (with the caveat that I got to read it asap!). Actually, when we were first dating I had noticed that my husband had all Sue Grafton’s books and that we had that in common, so she’s a bit of a special author for us. 😉

In case you don’t read them, Grafton’s books center around a 30-something, down-to-earth, junk-food-eating, 3-mile-running, divorced, female, ex-cop detective (got all that?) named Kinsey Millhone, who lives in “Santa Theresa” California (very similar to Santa Barbara if you’ve been there). The whole series takes place in the 1980’s (our time moves faster than Kinsey’s time in the books). In this installment, it is 1988 and Kinsey is approached by a young man who feels he has some information regarding an unsolved kidnapping from the 1960’s. As Kinsey looks into his allegations, in part from a “recovered memory”, she uncovers more than she bargains for.

One reason I love these books is that they read very quickly and hold my interest. They are all different, too, and I give Grafton credit for her originality and creativity. Sometimes I can solve them, and sometimes not (another kudos to Sue!).

I recommend “U is for Undertow” to Grafton fans – new and old alike!

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