Author Interview with Trilby Kent

I am thrilled to report that I recently had the opportunity to ask my friend Trilby Kent (whom I have known since she was a young girl!) a few questions about her novel “Medina Hill”. So, I give you, my first “mini author interview”!

(Me) How did you get the idea for “Medina Hill” – and how long did it take to write?

I’d been interested in T.E. Lawrence since the age of 14 or so, but it was over a weekend in Cornwall, where my boyfriend and I stayed in a house that had once been part of an artists’ colony, that I had the idea for a story about a boy who couldn’t speak. It took me about a month to come up with a first draft (extremely speedy, by my standards!) and several weeks more to get it into presentable shape.

(Me) Did you base any of the characters on anyone you know?

Yes – but I can’t say who! What I can tell you is that Uncle Roo and Sancha are the only major characters that had no real-life inspiration…

(Me) What is your best advice for aspiring writers?

Read, read, read. Read widely, and read deeply in the genre in which you intend to write. Don’t send out your work until it’s really, really ready. And try not to take rejection personally (I know, this can be hard – but if there’s one thing writers need to develop alongside their writing, it’s a thick skin!)

(Me) What are you working on now?

My agent is currently submitting my first novel for adults to publishers, so I’ve been spending a lot of time trying not to think about that! My second children’s book is now with my editors at Tundra, so with any luck I’ll be able to start working on revisions soon. In the meantime, I’ve started a PhD in Creative Writing, for which I’ll be producing another novel. Watch this space..!

Thank you, Trilby, for taking the time to share your answers with us! Happy Reading, folks!

2 thoughts on “Author Interview with Trilby Kent

  1. Thank you for sharing Beth. I enjoyed reading the interview with Trilby Kent. New writers need insightful wisdom from established professionals to plod along the arduous road to publication.


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