REVIEW: Medina Hill by Trilby Kent

First, let me say that it is my great privilege to review my friend Trilby’s book today for my blog! I’ve known Trilby since she was a young girl, and I am so thrilled and excited to hold her first novel for young adults in my hands!

Medina Hill tells the story of young Dominic, an 11-year-old boy from working class London in 1935, and his younger sister, Marlo. Dominic’s mother has fallen ill and his father has lost his job. Dominic responds to the pressures of life by “losing his voice” and being mute among non-family members. His parents decide that it would be best to send him and his sister to their uncle and aunt’s house in Cornwall for the summer. While there, Dominic takes a keen interest in a book about Lawrence of Arabia and forges a friendship with a young Gypsy girl whose family’s caravan has evoked rage among the locals. Dominic’s adventures lead him from living in fantasy to finding his voice, and realizing the gift of true friendship.

Now, call me biased, but I just loved this book. I loved the characters of Dom and Marlo – and the eccentric cast of people they lived with in Cornwall – including the “clarivoyant” Miss Birdie and the widow Reverend Cleary. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, and this was a time on which I hadn’t read a lot (between the two world wars in England). Trilby’s writing evokes the time and place so strongly, I felt I had been to Cornwall. I cheered for Dominic (and Marlo) and their young Gypsy friend. I can only say that I look forward to Trilby’s next novel!

This book was a nice aside from the current YA abundance of fantasy and vampires literature (at least here in the US). I haven’t seen it in bookstores here, but I have had it ordered for me through a local bookstore and also through Amazon. My copy for this post was purchased from Amazon.

Again, call me biased, but I give it 5 Stars! Nicely done, Trilby!

Let me know what you think!

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