Saturday Snapshot: More Friends in the Backyard!

In keeping with the theme of critters in the backyard, here’s a family of turkeys that like to strut through once or twice a week!

We also have a lovely fox that comes through, but he’s much harder to catch on camera.

photo (8) TURKEYS

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Saturday Snapshot: Happy Spring!

Spring 2013

Happy Spring! This is our front door. Happily you can see there is no snow on it, or near it, or leading up to it – and my (faux) forsythia wreath looks quite cheerful! In New England we have about three weeks of spring and then – bam! – time for humidity and summer. 🙂
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Saturday Snapshot!

first day of spring 2013

Here what the first day of Spring looked like in my backyard in New England!!
Pretty – but I hope the snow is gone by Easter (it’s hard to hunt eggs in the snow – lol!).

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Re-release of Jane Langton’s Homer Kelly mysteries…

Have you read Jane Langton’s books? I’ve loved Ms. Langton’s books since I was a little girl, especially  her Hall Family children’s books. Jane’s “Homer Kelly” cozy mysteries follow the exploits of a mild-mannered Harvard professor who stumbles upon and solves mysteries, often in the New England countryside. While I was in Hawaii I received an email from an editor at Open Road Media to say that Ms. Langton’s mysteries were being re-released with new e-book covers. You can check out this link with video for more info; it focuses on how Ms. Langton does her own illustrations. Check it out!

Thanks, Open Road Media, for letting me know and having me pass the word along! And if you have never read Ms. Langton, and you enjoy mysteries and New England, you are in for a real treat. 🙂