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Saturday Snapshot: More Friends in the Backyard!

on August 3, 2013

In keeping with the theme of critters in the backyard, here’s a family of turkeys that like to strut through once or twice a week!

We also have a lovely fox that comes through, but he’s much harder to catch on camera.

photo (8) TURKEYS

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13 responses to “Saturday Snapshot: More Friends in the Backyard!

  1. Are they wild? I’ve never seen wild turkeys. My Snapshot is at

  2. Louise says:

    Wow, what a wonderful sight to see in your own backyard.

  3. We see alot of those around here. I love when they decide to take their slow time crossing the street –LOL

  4. readerbuzz says:

    Turkeys, eh? Aren’t they living dangerously!

  5. Peggy@Peggy Ann's Post says:

    It’s lovely to have wildlife in your yard! Your very lucky.

  6. Ginny says:

    Great photo. I do hope the fox doesn’t meet the turkeys.

  7. MarthaE says:

    How nice you get to see these wild critters weekly. I got one picture of a wild turkey in our backyard a few years ago but haven’t seen any more.

  8. irene says:

    What a great adventure.

  9. joyweesemoll says:

    Cool! We haven’t had turkeys, but we have seen a fox, now and then. Plus lots of deer and an occasional coyote.

  10. Nice, love it when wild turkeys come along! I imagine the fox is a little harder to get a pic of. 🙂

  11. Nice family portrait – turkey style!

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