Spotlight on DEATH WATCH by Stona Fitch

Consumer culture is so deeply ingrained into our society. DEATH WATCH (March 7, 2023; Arrow Editions; Trade Paperback; $18.95) by acclaimed author Stona Fitch is the perfect novel to get a glimpse into the world of the capitalist machine that runs our day-to-day lives.

Fitch’s writing is reminiscent of Mad Men and American Psycho. This dark comedy is centered around a luxurious watch, the Cassius Seven rebranded as “The Death Watch,” that is advertised to many unsuspecting customers. It seems too good to be true and it is; the catch is this very object may kill them. 

The luxury accessory draws a wide variety of people, from those who think too highly of themselves to believe they are exempt from any harm to those who want to feel that harm. Coe Vessel, the son of a legendary adman, is convinced the watch is just a high-art hoax, however, he soon realizes his error once the watch starts murdering people. Now, Coe must find a way to stop the campaign before it’s too late, all while juggling the moral dilemma of how far people will go for luxury. 

What are DEATH WATCH’s influences?

* Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, because it shows how war is absurd and dangerous—like a deadly watch

* American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, because it’s a dark satire of American consumerism run amok

* Mad Men, because it captures the dark art of advertising (DEATH WATCH Mad Men for the End-time)

* Fight Club, because it explores nihilistic youth (the ultimate buyers of Death Watch)

Praise for Stona Fitch 

“A terrific writer who knows how to spin a yarn with grit and confidence.” –Dennis Lehane 

“A suspense writer to watch.” –Jess Walter 

“As stylish as Parker, as tough as Lehane.” –Hank Phillippi Ryan 

“Startling in conception and disturbing in what it says about our times.” –J. M. Coetzee (on Senseless)    

About the Author 

Stona Fitch is the founder of Concord Free Pressa non-profit publisher that has been called a grand experiment in subversive altruism. His seven novels, which include Give + Take and Senseless, have been praised by critics and readers, published widely throughout the world, and produced as feature films. He lives with his family in Concord, Massachusetts.

About Arrow Editions and Concord Free Press

Concord Free Press is a non-profit, all-volunteer press that publishes original fiction and distributes its books for free, asking only that readers give to a cause they believe in or a person in need—then pass their book on so that others can give. They have published more than a dozen books and inspired more than

$5 million in generosity around the world, establishing a new publishing model and proving that readers tend to be empathetic and kind.  

Writers who have published their work with Concord Free Press include Russell Banks, Madison Smartt Bell, Melissa Broder, Wesley Brown, Charles Coe, Castle Freeman, Jr., Woody Haut, Gabino Iglesias, Yiyun Li, Alan Lightman, Gregory Maguire, Joyce Carol Oates, Ann Patchett, and Elizabeth Spires. 

 As the slightly more commercial sister-ship of the Concord Free Press, Arrow Editions will publish books in trade paperback and ebook editions, sold online and via a select network of independent bookstores. The Arrow Editions model is simple. Half the proceeds of each book go directly to the author, the other half supports the mission of the Concord Free Press. By expanding the publishing model, Concord Free Press can publish more books—and keep inspiring generosity. 

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