Spotlight on BLACK STAR by Alejandro Mañón

I’m shouting it out today for the young author’s new novel because he was so nice, I couldn’t say no! You can find it on Amazon.

Here’s the scoop:

Every family has their own set of rules, their own ways of communicating and some of them have an obscure secret that they desperately try to hide from others as if it came to light, all hope would be lost. Meet the Quinns. They have the darkest secret of them all, and if they wanted their secret to remain as what it is, they would have to follow a list of simple rules: Number one: You must not trust anyone (Not even your own family). Number two: You must not speak out loud as someone could be listening to you. Number three: You must get rid of all the evidence. Number four: You must keep your friends close but your enemies even closer. Number five: You must not rest until your darkest secret is buried six-feet below the ground.

Let me know what you think!

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