Cruising from Boston to Montreal by Al and Sunny Lockwood

I like Sunny and Al’s easy-to-read travelogues and they tend to enjoy traveling to places that I enjoy, so I was more than happy to accept Sunny’s offer of a kindle copy of their book: Cruising from Boston to Montreal. What a treat! Sunny and Al start off in Boston (my city!) and enjoy a Red Sox game, then board a Holland America cruise ship north. If you know me, you know our family loves to cruise. We love having everything just steps away from where we are and we love exploring new ports of call. Sunny and Al are the same and they take you along on their adventures. During this COVID year, when we couldn’t travel at all, it was fun to read a book about going places! I’ve been to Quebec City but not to Montreal or PEI so I found Sunny’s descriptions and Al’s pictures interesting. This book would be fun to read even if you didn’t want to travel yourself. Sunny and Al are two retirees that seem to be open to adventure, fun, finding yummy food, and relaxing with a good book. It would be fun if our paths crossed on our travels in the future!

Thank you for sharing your book with me!

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