A Fun Game for the Family: You’re Pulling My Leg by Allen Wolf

My friends at PR by the Book sent me a copy of You’re Pulling My Leg by Allen Wolf, a fun choice for game night at home. We tried it out over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had both my teens at home (they are in high school but one goes to boarding school) with my husband and I. We tried out the adult version (there is also You’re Pulling My Leg – junior).

I will admit that I did not know what to expect. You choose a story (e.g. tell me about a time you overspent) and then you flip a coin (secretly) to decide if you will tell the truth or lie. The other players win points by deciding if you are telling the truth or pulling their leg.

I will say that I think this would be easier to play with people that haven’t known you forever. However, we spent a lot of time laughing. As a matter of course, I never lie (too hard to keep track of lies) and we discovered that I am really really bad at it. At one point I made up a story about a fake friend and then said that I had discovered via Facebook that that friend had died (!). My kids looked horrified and then my daughter said, “Oh my god, Mom, how you can say that with a smile on your face???” then they both yelled, “You’re pulling our leg!”.

In all it was a fun time and the best part was that the four of us did it all together! We tend to separate to our various ways after dinner – XBox, You Tube, TV, books – so this was a fun way to spend time together.

Thank you for my copy! You can find yours online through Morning Star Publishing or have your favorite indie order it for you.

Great for COVID indoor time or I think you could even play it over Zoom!

Let me know what you think!

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