Audiobook Review: A Little Rebellion Is a Good Thing by Duncan Clarke

Mr. Clarke’s publicist and Mr. Clarke himself kindly reached out to me about his book/audiobook A Little Rebellion Is a Good Thing: Troubles at Traymore College.

This was a great listen during my commute, with a story that sometimes had me laughing out loud. The narrator is somewhat naive and definitely a bit sardonic in his views of life as a college professor. I had to wonder if this story could be based in truth. Definitely it had the college teaching part down right!

Here’s the overview:

When David Pritchard is hired to teach political science at a remote women’s college in 1969, he anticipates a quiet year before moving on to bigger things. However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not well at Traymore College. President Barton and his administration curtail basic academic freedoms, harass tenured professors, and impose tight constraints on students’ personal lives.

Appalled, David engages in intimate alliances with sympathetic faculty and several members of student leadership to stand up to the school’s administration. Together, they aim to ignite the press and spark far-reaching legal action. But Barton will not go down without a fight.

Charlie Boswell as the narrator does an excellent job of imbuing a bit of disbelief and ironic humor when appropriate. He was the perfect choice!

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your novel with me, Mr. Clarke!

Let me know what you think!

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