Look, Look, an ABC Book! by J. Lein

This summer, Ms. Lien sent me a PDF of her new ABC book, billed as a “fruity ABC board book for happy toddlers”!

Each page has an upper case and lower case letter of the alphabet and starts with “Look, Look,” (an important sight word in early reading). Then there is a fruit with a cute name that fits the given letter (such as “Baba the banana”) with a whimsical drawing.

I will say that this book had some fruits that I had never heard of before (I believe Ms. Lien is from France) so it was a bit of a learning experience for me as an adult as well!

A cute addition to the pre-school library and one that they will probably want to “read” on their own.

Thank you for sharing your work with me, Ms. Lien!

Let me know what you think!

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