Some changes to the blog: an update

Each summer brings a refreshing wave of mental energy and more time to me so that I can think about how different aspects of my life are going. This summer I wanted to update my blog to give it a new look. If you know WordPress, you know how EASY this is to do! I love the new look! It’s clean and simple and works better than the old format (which is “no longer supported”). I hope to replace the header picture with a picture of Napa once I find one that is not copywrit, etc. I may have to take one myself! 🙂

The other thing you may notice is that I am no longer an Amazon Associate. This was unforeseen and rather disappointing. I’ve often included a link to see the book I’m talking about on Amazon. Or sometimes I’ve included an indiebound link. Regardless, when I first started with Amazon I made sure to include the proper text in all of my posts. I made some money the first year (about $90) – mainly because someone logged on and bought a book and then bought a laptop and printer and more. Rules apparently changed and the next time I made about $10. With the rise of kindle, I began to make something like 4 cents if someone logged on and bought a book. Rule changes decreed that I couldn’t get paid until I made $10. It really didn’t seem worth my time to post a link for EVERYTHING plus I have NEVER done this for money. I’ve blogged to share my love of books. I had hoped that maybe I’d get a book to review every now and then (I get like 200 a year which is about ten times more than I expected!) and I hoped I’d meet 1 or 2 people who also enjoyed books and didn’t think I was weird for loving to read (I’ve met countless readers, authors, and bloggers – all who love books!!). So imagine my dismay when in early June I received an email saying that Amazon was booting me from their associates program. Not enough sales. Okay, Amazon, that’s fair, I thought. But then I read that I had to take down ALL links to Amazon on my blog! I have blogged for over TEN years and have over 1000 posts!!!! I immediately became quite anxious, fearing that Amazon would somehow blacklist me, but with some constant hacking away, I’ve managed to, to my knowledge, remove ALL my Amazon links. (If you see any, tell me!). And doing this over the past 6 weeks has been like looking through an old yearbook – so many fun memories of books I’ve read and photos of things! While it was a pain in the neck, it was also kind of fun.

So – new look, no Amazon (Sing it: “I’m not worthy!”– Into the Woods reference), but still lots of great books to share and lots of great readers – like you! Thanks for coming along on the journey!!

One thought on “Some changes to the blog: an update

  1. I feel your pain on a couple of levels. . . firstly, Amazon is so darned difficult to deal with that I finally removed my self-published book My Favourite Veterans because they LOST all my copies for six months.

    Then, due to a glitch in their two-step verification program that didn’t work properly, I was LOCKED OUT of my own account for another six months! I was never able to talk to anyone who could help, in either situation.

    They finally found my books and they finally restored my account, but by then I was so angry I just couldn’t deal with them any longer.

    In a separate issue, after blogging for six years I decided to change my website host because I wasn’t happy with the old one, and out of sheer malice he refused to do an information transfer to my new WordPress site!

    My only option was to painstakingly REPOST every one of 114 blog posts, each one about 2000 words and 20 photos. It has taken me more than 100 hours!

    But like you, I enjoyed reading my old posts again and finding some gold that I had almost forgotten.

    Anyway, keep the up the good work — Amazon can go fly a kite.


    Elinor Florence Author, Wildwood and Bird’s Eye View

    Order Wildwood Here


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