BAT DAD! A Parody by Blake Wilson


I don’t know if you follow Bat Dad on You Tube but we find him hilarious!

Apparently, Blake Wilson spontaneously purchased a Batman mask one day at Target and was goofing around, talking like Batman — suddenly a star was born!

My kids find the Bat Dad videos hysterical, and I have to say, Blake’s patient wife (Jen!!) and really cute four kids make them fun.

This small book is a compilation of Bat Dad moments, set like a comic book, with a picture and word bubble per page. Many of them seemed familiar to me, so I am guessing they are taken from the Bat Dad videos.

While my middle-schoolers also enjoy Bat Dad, he’s really meant for parents — with humor that at times borders on “adult” and/or is really meant to speak to the average parent who is dealing with all that comes with raising kids and running a household.

Thank you, Blogging for Books and Three Rivers Press, for my review copy!

Let me know what you think!

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