For My Ears: BEST BOY by Eli Gottlieb


So — as you know if you read me regularly, I listen to audiobooks in the car on my hour plus commute each day. I get them from Audible. Audible often has sales and sends me emails of suggestions, so I chose this one rather randomly. It is the story of Todd Aaron, a middle aged man with autism who has spent most of his life in an assisted living facility for individuals with special needs.

Todd’s story centers around the events that occur that make him try to run away and get back to his former home. He has a new roommate- a brain injured young man who makes Todd uncomfortable, a new friend – a girl that is both funny and terrifying and to me seems psychotic, a beloved aide, and a new caretaker who scares Todd and reminds him of his abusive father. The story is told in Todd’s unique voice and provides a large amount of back story woven in.

I can hardly express how much I loved this book. It is so touching and sensitive, and unforgettable, it made me cry. Bronson Pinchot is the narrator and he is phenomenal — truly! His ability to “voice” Todd appropriately lends a whole new layer to the reading of the text. I rarely say this, but if you have the option, LISTEN to this book as opposed to reading it. You will NOT be disappointed. It runs in just under 7 1/2 hours.

Don’t miss this one!

One thought on “For My Ears: BEST BOY by Eli Gottlieb

  1. Thank you, Beth! I had not heard of this one and will be sure to look for it. I loved Bronson Pinchot’s reading of “My Korean Deli”!

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