Quick Review of RACHEL’S FOLLY by Monica Bruno


I purchased RACHEL’S FOLLY through Amazon for my kindle when it was a deal of the day back in December. I tend to like Booktrope works and the overview sounded compelling:

Rachel Richards’ perfect life is about to come undone.

Rachel’s best friend is about to be married, but her fiancé is a mysterious man with seemingly no friends or family. After a night of drinking goes awry, Rachel is forced to face a dark part of herself she didn’t know existed. What began as a horrible mistake turns into a gripping mystery as the shocking truth begins to unravel, and Rachel’s life hangs in the balance.

Told from three unique perspectives—a young mother with everything to lose, a loving brother with a weakness for wine, and a love struck, troubled teen—and set against the backdrop of Austin, Texas, Rachel’s Folly is a suspense thriller that explores profound loss, morality, and the lengths to which we will go to keep our darkest secrets hidden.


I really can’t say too much without giving it away, but I enjoyed this thrilling and suspenseful book. You know when you have that moment where you do something really stupid and think, “Wow – I shouldn’t have done that”? Well, this poor woman’s life becomes just that.

I read it quickly — you can find it on Amazon or get it at a bookstore near you!

Let me know what you think!

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