Audiobook Review: BLACKWELL’S PARADISE written and read by V.E. Ulett

04_Blackwell's Paradise Audio Book

In conjunction with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, I received an audible edition of Blackwell’s Paradise, part two in the Captain Blackwell trilogy. I had not read the first book in this series, but this title easily stands alone.

In this story, Blackwell and his wife, Mercedes, are sailing for the Royal Navy and spending time in the South Seas and especially in Hawaii. This story has adventure, romance, and lots of history added in. I really liked the characters of Blackwell and Mercedes – and especially how Mercedes was a strong and independent woman. The love between them reminded a bit of Jamie and Claire Fraser – neither of them claimed to be perfect, but they were truly committed to each other. The whole section on Hawaii was my favorite part of the story because if you know me, you know I love Hawaii! I am fascinated by the history and culture and tradition of the islands.

Ms. Ulett reads the audiobook and she has a soothing voice. It runs just under 13 hours.

Thank you for my review materials – I enjoyed listening to Blackwell’s story (and now I want to go back and read book one – Blackwell’s Prize!).

03_VE Ulett_Author


A long time resident of California, V.E. Ulett is an avid reader as well as writer of historical fiction. Proud to be an Old Salt Press author, V.E. is also a member of the National Books Critics Circle and an active member and reviewer for the Historical Novel Society.

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