Review: THE BONES OF YOU by Debbie Howells and a Q and A and some GIVEAWAYS!


I’m happy today to take part in the Kensington Books Blog Tour of THE BONES OF YOU be Debbie Howells. I received this book through Net Galley a few weeks ago and I could NOT put it down!

When the book opens, local teen and “nice girl” Rosie is missing. She is a well-behaved, quiet girl from an outstanding family so everyone is shocked when she is found beaten and stabbed to death. Narrated by both the deceased Rosie (what exactly DID happen that day and what were the events that lead up to it?) and neighbor Kate (who had a friendship with Rosie as she loved Kate’s horses), the story twists and turns as we witness the characters and events that lead to Rosie’s untimely and violent end.

I could not stop reading this book! It has been compared to THE LOVELY BONES and it is similar in that it is narrated in part by a young girl who is deceased; however, it truly stands on its own. I usually can figure out by midway what has occurred in this type of mystery, but I was kept guessing until the end.

Poignant, touching, and with a real look inside some very human characters, THE BONES OF YOU was a captivating and fast-paced read.

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And still there is more!! Kensington Books will give a free copy to one of my readers! This can be ANYONE in the world!!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you’re reading right now! I will use to pick a winner. One entry per person. Entries must be received by June 15.

And yet, there is more!

Here is a Q and A with Debbie Howells that Kensington sent me — interesting!


When did you start writing?

I began writing in earnest about five years ago, women’s fiction which was what I liked to read.  But I also wanted to write books that addressed more serious real-life issues as well.  I think with Wildflowers I achieved that. It’s had some wonderful reviews on Amazon, but though 6 agents asked to read the full manuscript, no-one actually took me on.

The Bones of You is a change of genre.  How did you come to write it?

I’d put everything I had into Wildflowers and it came so close, but not close enough.  I knew then I had to write something different.  Everyone says, write about what you know about.  I think that’s true, but I think also, you have to appeal to the market.  That said, I don’t think it’s possible to write without your heart one hundred per cent in it.

Were you surprised with the reaction you got from agents and publishers?

Completely blown away!  It was beyond my wildest dreams.  There are phone calls and emails from that time that I will never, ever forget.  When you’ve worked so hard for so long, battled rejection but kept going anyway, to reach the point where I’m being published is something I’m so excited about – and enormously grateful for.

What advice do you have for other writers?

There are so many brilliant, unpublished writers out there.  Finding an agent and a publisher mean you have to write a good book, but it takes luck, too – in spadefuls –  to hit the right person with the right idea when the market’s right… It’s also a massively subjective industry.  What one person loves, another wouldn’t give the time of day to.  And no-one can predict tomorrow’s bestsellers.

If you can’t find an agent to take you on, consider self-publishing.  A number of authors have had huge success this way and in any case, you learn from it.  Then keep writing – the next book, the one after.  If you don’t, you’ll never know…

Have you written your next book?

I finished it just before Christmas.  It’s another psychological thriller about not just what we hide from other people, but from ourselves, too.  It’s about a washed-up lawyer and a woman he used to love, who’s suspected of a murder.  He’s determined to prove her innocence but an overdose has left her in a coma.

As well as a thriller, it’s also a love story.

After all this excitement, I am guessing lots of you would want to read this book! You can find it at a local bookstore, online, or at your local library, among other places. It publishes June 30.

Let me know what you think!

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