Saturday Snapshot: Authors at the Concord Bookshop!

 What a great evening at the Concord Bookshop this Thursday!  Sarah McCoy  and Erika Robuck were there to promote their new releases THE MAPMAKER’S CHILDREN and THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE. It was a fun “chatty” evening with lots of laughs and interesting info on their writing processes. I loved both these books (they came out 5/5) and reviewed them this week on my blog – here and here

In the pictures Sarah and Erika chat with bookshop owner Dawn (on left) and also pose together (Sarah on left).

I have to say it — Sarah’s cowboy boots were the cutest thing ever!

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Authors at the Concord Bookshop!

  1. Oh my! If you hadn’t told me these ladies were authors, I’d have said they were junior high students. Authors get younger and younger!

    Very fun event.

    Here’s mine.

  2. These aren’t even their first novels either! I loved Sarah’s THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER and Erika’s CALL ME ZELDA and FALLEN BEAUTY, too. I want to read her HEMINGWAY’S GIRL.

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