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Saturday Snapshot: Theater fun

on October 25, 2014

If you know me, you know I’m currently involved in a production of Little Women: The Musical at a local community theater. I play Aunt March, who is supposed to be in her sixties. Since I’m only in my forties, I get a wig and get “aged” each night. Here are some before and after pictures:

Me on the way to the theater (selfie):


Now here’s me after I’ve been made up:


Aunt March gets her cranky on!

Wish me break a leg as this is our final weekend (and we are being adjudicated).

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19 responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Theater fun

  1. You guys did a great job with the makeup.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. Oh, what fun! And the wonders of makeup…you do make a good Aunt March. Enjoy! And here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Beth Hoffman says:

    That make-up is amazing! You make an excellent Aunt March. Hope you have lots of fun!

  4. Wow! What a transformation! I was a speech and theatre major in college, so I understand the process of transformation like yours. I played Much older characters several times. It’s fun to not have to be too much like yourself. Have a great weekend!

  5. Booketta says:

    Oh wow! You look so different! I hope the show goes well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ginny says:

    What a transformation. Good luck with the show.

  7. jkb4664 says:

    Break a leg! Great photos!

  8. I’ve never seen a before-and-after photo like yours. Usually the person looks younger after the transformation! I admire anyone who has the courage to get up on stage and perform. I hope you had a great time.
    Sandy @Texas Twang

  9. FUN! I have always wanted to be n a play!

  10. joyweesemoll says:

    What a wonderful transition. Break a leg!

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