Saturday Snapshot: Montserrat, Spain

At the end of our August trip to Europe for the Disney Cruise, we went to Montserrat, outside of Barcelona. What a beautiful place! It is about an hour outside of the city, reachable by train, up in the mountains. Traditionally, Montserrat (meaning “serrated mountains”) was a destination for religious pilgrims. It was so amazingly beautiful. While there, we went into the cathedral and saw the famous “black virgin”. Beautiful and interesting little side trip!

IMG_0608IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0604 IMG_0613

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Montserrat, Spain

  1. We loved visiting Montserrat too ! I remember parking the car and riding almost to the top in a cable car of some sort … then, it was a bit of a climb up the path to the monastery and church. It was so lovely … and isolated!

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