Saturday Snapshot: Barcelona!

Last week I posted about our Disney Cruise on the Mediterranean. Our ship set sail and returned to Barcelona, Spain. We had never been there before — what a beautiful city!

Here are a few pictures of things we visited before we left on the cruise:

Sagrada Familia — The large church designed by Gaudi that they have been building since the 1800’s and are still working on:


It was too big to fit in a picture!

Here’s the famous “Nativity” alcove:


Here’s an link to a virtual visit to Sagrada Familia –

Truly an amazing piece of architecture and spirituality!

We also went to the Cathedral in Barcelona – which was incredibly beautiful inside. We lit candles for my niece who is getting married next weekend and also for a close relative with a large family who had recently been laid off (happy to report that prayers were answered in the way we had hoped — a new job has been found and secured!).



My son thought perhaps we should light a candle to “find a LEGO store in Europe”. Um – no.

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Thanks for stopping by! (I am currently on a campaign for a newer phone for better pictures, especially in low light, even though I’m one of the world’s worst photographers). 🙂

14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Barcelona!

    • Thanks. I just have an iPhone4. I think even a small upgrade to the 5 would be better. I can’t figure out why when I zoom in things get blurry. Some day I will take a class on photography!

  1. The first time I saw visited the Sagrada Familia I as awestruck. It’s more complete now than when I saw it, but it looks like it still has a way to go.

  2. I wonder how many skilled craftsman have worked on this beautiful cathedral over the years. It’s amazing. Thank you for sharing your photos of this one-of-a-kind building.
    I use a pocket camera (Canon Power Shot) and keep thinking I’ll upgrade to something better. But would it fit in my purse and be handy all the time? I’m afraid it would be too big to be convenient.

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