Saturday Snapshot: Trip to Europe!

We just had the most fabulous vacation!

In late August we took the Disney Magic cruise ship for a trip that went from Barcelona to France, Italy, and then back to Spain. I can’t say enough how truly “magical” this experience was! We all loved it!

Here’s a picture of the ship (borrowed from online images):


It was quite spectacular! The kids had a lot of space and activities to themselves, which led my husband and me to have a lot of time alone – woo-hoo!

We stopped in Nice, France. We didn’t get off the boat that day, but it was truly beautiful. Then we went on to Italy and visited Florence: (Il Duomo)




We also saw this guy:


(note – this is a copy; the original is in the Galleria).

Then we went on to Pisa:




Yes – it is still leaning!

Then we saw Rome:


And the Vatican:



We skipped getting off in Naples (we were pooped!)

But at the end of the week, it was these smiles that made us happiest:


Now we are back to school, but this will definitely be a vacation that lives in our hearts and minds for a very long time!


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17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Trip to Europe!

    • Disney exceeded my expectations. There were a TON of families with young children, but I was amazed how lovely everything was and how much time I had with my husband as the children were engaged in kids’ activities.

  1. This looks fabulous. I struggle with cruise ships, but the Mediterranean looks calm and much more manageable to my dodgy sea-legs than the Pacific Ocean!
    You’ve given me food for thought….:-)

    • I was really worried that I would have trouble as I get car sick and air sick. I ended up LOVING the gentle sway of the boat, which is like a side to side, cradle motion (if I felt it at all). I loved going to sleep to that! They say if you have issues, take a lower deck cabin and get a window. Apparently, Disney has put “virtual windows” with a live feed in the inside staterooms so you feel like you have a window. I didn’t see those as we were on the outside with a balcony. I did find the Med. Sea very calm though – and beautifully blue!

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