Saturday Snapshot: Bolton Fair

If you’ve read me for a while, or are a facebook friend, you know I volunteer on the committee to run an agricultural fair in our small town of Bolton. The fair has been going for over 130 years. I organize the music/bands for the weekend.

Last weekend was the fair and a friend took this shot of my kids on one of the midway rides:

fair photo

They were just coming in for a landing!


Here’s my music tent. We have bands in it all day! (where did that baby bottle come from??)


I love the fair at night! So pretty!

Since I’m in the tent all day, I don’t get out too much, but there are some very cute baby animals at the fair every year, and a lot of 4-H kids with their animals. The pig races are a huge hit, though I missed them this year; and people pack in for the demolition derby at night and the (really really LOUD) monster truck rallies (fair photo):

fair photo monster truck


Though I have to say, I’m just kind of the quiet, music type!

Is there a fair in your town in the summer?

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Bolton Fair

  1. We have a fair (although it’s called a show here), but it’s in May which is autumn for us, and it’s always freezing. That first ride looks weird – lying down- I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. Good for you for helping continue the tradition. We don’t have a fair in our town, but we do have “events.” I’m featuring one on my Saturday Snapshots post today:Pianos on Parade. Our Washington State Fair will happen in September in nearby Puyallup.

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