I’ve Been on Vacation…

I’ve been on vacation for five days, so I’m seriously behind in posting. I had scheduled some things to run, but didn’t get as much writing done before I left as I had planned.

In the upcoming weeks you can look for:

– A review of the historical fiction, based on real life, novel FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW by Amy Belding Brown, about the capture of Mary Rowlandson by Indians in 1600’s Massachusetts. (won online)

– A review of BLOGGER GIRL by Meredith Schorr, which I read on the plane. (from publicist)

– A review of GRAND CENTRAL, the collection of short stories by some of my fave authors, which I finished this week. (purchased)


– A review of THIS IS THE WATER by Yannick Murphy, which I started yesterday on the plane and have almost finished. This is a suspenseful novel done in a completely new and innovative format and I am just obsessed with this book! (purchased)

What are you reading this week?


POSTSCRIPT on 7/31/14– I almost forgot! I also read MC Beaton’s new Agatha Raisin book: THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN which I got from Net Galley. This was my “it’s not even 5 am and I’m awake since CA is 3 hours earlier than MA” read.

Let me know what you think!

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