Saturday Snapshot: NYC – Times Square, Manhattenhenge, and more!

This past week I attended the Book Expo America publishing event in New York City. It was HUGE and very exciting since I’m a book blogger. During the week, it was “Manhattenhenge” — one of the two days all year that the setting sun lines up perfectly with the street grid in Manhatten. Of course, the exact day of Manhattenhenge, there was cloud cover, so my picture looked like nothing much. However, two days later, it was pretty nice out and I caught this attempt:


Not the greatest, but it gives you some idea of the event.

At the time we were eating at our fave place for our family: Junior’s on Broadway. Here is a shot of my son’s grilled cheese (New York style):


Seriously, that was one great grilled cheese!!

Times Square is one of those places that you can hardly grow tired of, so I took a few shots:

IMG_2115 IMG_2116

I love to look at my NY pictures and think: who ARE all those people??

And of course there’s Rockefeller Center:



All in all, it was a great conference and a fun day in the city with my family when they came to pick me up! 🙂


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16 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: NYC – Times Square, Manhattenhenge, and more!

  1. Lots of travel and adventure photos this week. I have been to NYC once in my life. Way back when I was 18 and a senior in HS. I was impressed then ( being a little hick from South Dakota) and I am sure I would be equally awed now. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great photos of New York City. You really captured the vibe, especially in your Times Square shots. I’ve only been there twice, but I’d like to go back. By the way, that cheese sandwich looks yummy, especially since the picture includes a lady in a wine glass!

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