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Saturday Snapshot: Bookstore Window

on March 1, 2014

If you know me, you know I do a lot of community theater. I recently was working on publicity for a local show, Night Watch, in Concord, and the Concord Bookshop displayed a themed window for the production:

photo (36)NW


There’s a bit of a glare in the background (showing you Main Street, Concord!) but I thought they did a fun job putting in a few play props and then books that fit the mystery/thriller theme of the story!

Just a note — The Concord Players was originally started as the Concord Dramatic Union by none other than my hero, Louisa May Alcott (and her sister, Anna). No surprise that I’ve attached myself to the organization!!

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10 responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Bookstore Window

  1. Louise says:

    What a great photo, and a fascinating history to go along with your local players. I hope the show was fabulous.

  2. I love when a book store, or any store gets creative with their displays and use a little imagination. Have a great day, Beth!

  3. Great photo! It has so much going on but not so much that it is distracting. Thanks for sharing it!


    • drbethnolan says:

      Thanks. Taking pictures in a window is a little tricky. Plus I am NOT a very experienced photographer!! Their next window for us is for “Spamalot” so that should be fun. 🙂

  4. Kaye says:

    They did do a great job. The window is a real eye-catcher.

  5. great background for your involvement !
    and having been a window dresser, I love that this caught your eye =)
    HapPy Saturday!

  6. I love that window display. It makes me want to go inside and browse. I also like the reflection in your photo. It gives a sense of the area where the store is located. Good shot!

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