Saturday Snapshot: in the Snow!

Here are a few recent shots of the kids playing in the snow in our front yard:

IMG_1918 IMG_1920 IMG_1921


They used their sleds as forts! I have to say they are much heartier than I am. 🙂

Of course this weekend we are losing a lot of the snow as it warms up a bit (from about 15-20 degrees every day to about 40 today!).

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: in the Snow!

    • Thank you! I often look around our yard (and we are only about 25 miles outside of Boston) and think how blessed we are to have so much nature in our lives. Definitely more than I had growing up!

  1. those pictures are beautiful! and quite ingenious to use their sleds like that! Isn’t it amazing how children love the snow and all that comes with it but as we get older a lot of that charm disappears. . .we start to believe snow is cold. . .and wet. . .oh to be a child again!

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