Saturday Snapshot: Three More of NYC

Here are a couple more pictures from NYC.

In this one Jack has climbed a big rock hill in Central Park. (Shortly after this picture, his sister tried to join him, but tumbled down instead!).

IMG_1884Notice he’s eating that most New York of treats: the soft pretzel from a lunch cart!

Next the kids watched others ice skating on the pond on Central Park West:

IMG_1888Mean Mom and Dad would not rent them skates or skate with them (mainly because none of us have ice skated and it was quite crowded!).

Then the next morning I ran down to NBC Studios as I’ve always wanted to be on the Today Show in the background. Alas – the weekend hours were different and they were already gone:

IMG_1883I pictured a cute pic of me and Al Roper standing around chatting about the weather – but unfortunately, you get a dark stage set with drizzle. Maybe next year!!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Three More of NYC

  1. I like the one of the children looking through the railings. I think that’s very atmospheric, and it brings back memories of my daughters peering through railings, hedges and gates, and trying to stretch to peer over walls and fences because they wanted to know what lay behind! My Snapshot is at

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