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Saturday Snapshot: Mount Rushmore in Lego

on October 19, 2013

The US government shutdown is continuing (as of this writing – 10/16) and people are bemoaning the closing of many of the national parks (really quite a tragedy — I realize they don’t have the funding to run them, but it’s keeping people from experiencing our great country!). While I believe Mount Rushmore is now open, at one point I read that it was not only closed, but access roads not in the park to where you could view it were also closed.

So – for your viewing pleasure – and complements of LegoLand- I give you Mount Rushmore —



Notice that George is having his ears cleaned!! lol

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11 responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Mount Rushmore in Lego

  1. I can’t really talk about the park closures with out wild hand gestures and grinding of teeth. The Legos look great
    Thanks for stopping by, I liked your comment

  2. I love how creatively people respond to crises….wish I could say the same about Congress!


  3. Jackie says:

    As Canadians we shake our head but realize that our politicians are no better!! These lego guys could do a better job!

  4. I couldn’t believe your shutdown – how amazing was that! Neither could I believe this was Lego – until I saw the ear cleaner!!

  5. Ginny says:

    It is really hard to tell it is lego without peering really closely at your photo.

  6. Hehe! I haven’t been to Legoland in years and years, but I remember being so impressed!

  7. Brona says:

    That’s pretty amazing. Viewing your politic system from across the waters feels a little like watching a West Wing episode!!

  8. joyweesemoll says:

    What a fun construction!

  9. Judy B says:

    That’s a pretty good likeness of Mt Rushmore. Having grown up in Rapid City SD, I am always amazed at the way viewing the sculpture makes me feel,

  10. MarthaE says:

    Really?? Legos? Hard to tell. That is a site I would like to see someday. In real — not the legos!

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