Hello! You haven’t heard too much from me lately because we are on vacation in Hawaii!

I try to unplug when we go on vacation, and while I do have a post or two scheduled to run, I will return to “regular programming” once I return at the end of the week.

I am reading a great YA book by Shelley Dickson Carr – RIPPED – about a teen who time travels in order to thwart Jack the Ripper; and I’m also reading CALL ME ZELDA by Erika Robuck, about Zelda Fitzgerald’s time in a mental hospital (it’s a great read!). I recently finished ON HEAVEN AND EARTH which is a conversation between the current Pope (before he was Pope) and an Argentinian Rabbi as they discuss everything from heaven to hell to gay marriage to the role of women.

I wanted to post a picture of the beauty here. This is the view from our lanai (balcony).


Hawaii pic2

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