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Saturday Snapshot: Sunset over the Target parking lot!

on August 10, 2013

The other night my daughter and I went to Target after dinner. The sunset was so amazingly beautiful!!

photo (11) SKY2

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You can participate by posting a picture that you or a friend took and then linking it to Melinda’s site!

11 responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Sunset over the Target parking lot!

  1. Brona says:

    We’ve been having gorgeous winter sunsets in Sydney too. These are lovely šŸ™‚

  2. Louise says:

    Wow that does look special. I saw a magnificent sunset yesterday, I tried to capture it, but my picture didn’t come close.

  3. Even the Target parking lot can show us something beautiful! LOL Love these shots…thanks for sharing.


  4. Arti says:

    Awesome sight! And your camera did a great job in capturing the colors too. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

  5. Peggy@Peggy Ann's Post says:

    Just lovely! We’ve had some beautiful sunsets this summer too.

  6. Judy B says:

    The sunset is amazing. Almost alive!

  7. Like the sky is on fire! Beautiful!

  8. That’s gorgeous – the photos could be paintings. My Snapshot is at

  9. Gaye says:

    t kinda takes your breath away when you look up and see that kind of color! I love having a camera on my phone and being able to capture those ahaa moments! Thanks for sharing

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