Saturday Snapshot: Bath Time!

On our trip to Florida earlier this year we had the most unique bath that I have ever seen. I could not figure out where the water came from as there was no true spigot into the tub, just handles on the wall marked “H” and “C”. Imagine my surprise when I turned one on and the water came from the ceiling!

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Bath Time!

  1. What a hoot!! That could have led to some bad ‘hair accidents’ if you really weren’t ready though!! I know my husband would love that…and my kiddos when they were little….

    Happy Saturday!

  2. How cool! I see those all the time on home improvement shows but have never seen one in person. It seems like it would splash a lot. The painting looks like a fun addition to the bathroom too. Hope you had a great trip! I also posted photos from a Florida vacation two years ago when we went to Universal. Loved it!!

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