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Saturday Snapshot: Retro Toy Memory

on May 25, 2013

So – I’m cleaning in the basement and I come across my Sweet Sixteen Barbie from about 1978. She’s still in good shape (though her make up has corroded over the years). My daughter is enjoying playing with her! Wondering if anyone else had her in the 70’s? 🙂

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And – happy day! – I’ve figured out how to get my pictures to post in a larger size!! Woot!

10 responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Retro Toy Memory

  1. Louise says:

    I was never a Barbie fan, so didn’t have this one.

  2. I had a few Barbie dolls in the early 60’s and my daughter had some in the early 80’s, but this one does not ring a bell. We also had Midge and my son had Ken…LOL (We never saved them though).

  3. Jackie/Jake says:

    I had Barbie knockoffs in the early 60s and my mom made the best clothes for her!

  4. My mom gave me a couple of her Barbies from the 50’s but since I wasn’t born until ’81, I didn’t have this one, though I had tons. I was a bit of a Barbie freak. Kind of wish I’d known about keeping some of the nicer ones in their boxes, so perhaps they’d be worth some $$, but what’s the fun in that?

    Here is my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post.

  5. My daughter had several Barbies, along with many accessories. Her walk-in closet was set up for Barbie stuff, with everything laid out like a little village…but then she put them all in the attic, and I discovered them again when I sold the house.

    I enjoy retro stuff, and have some Coca Cola stuff, Marilyn Monroe & Elvis things, etc.


  6. Not me! I was in high school and college in the 70s!

  7. I had a Sindy doll, and I used to make her clothes with scraps left over from my mother’s sewing. Happy memories! My Snapshot is at

  8. mdott922 says:

    Hey , I think I had that same Barbie doll! Thanks for taking part in Saturday Snapshot!

  9. Joy says:

    Never been a Barbie girl but yours sure looks precious!

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