Saturday Snapshot!

I’ve always wanted to participate in Saturday Snapshot – hosted by Alyce at At Home with Books – but I could never get the image to load correctly. I finally figured it out!
This picture is one I took a couple of years ago at Rockefeller Center at the Lego store. My son LOVES Lego’s and that store is spectacular – but alas, it was closed!! (No worries – we returned the next day).

You can be part of the Saturday Snapshot fun — just post a picture that you or a friend/family member has taken (appropriate content, of course!) and then link it to Alyce’s blog at

20 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot!

  1. My husband and I often talk about how rich we would be now if only we’d invested heavily in Lego stock when our sons were small, twenty-five years ago. No idea there was a Lego store. Just bought a Lego book for my older son at our school book fair today. I know he will love it.

    Here’s my Saturday Snapshot.

    • If you go to NYC, the store is right by the ice rink. If I’m not mistaken it took over the “Dean and DeLuca” spot which I always used to see in the background on the TODAY show. I couldn’t find D&D when we were last there. We also have a LEGO store at our mall, but not a huge one like this!

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