Review of “Skinny: A Novel” by Diana Spechler

In August I downloaded a Kindle “freebie” from the “Top 100 Free” on Kindle (note: looks like this is no longer free). “Skinny” is the story of Gray Lachmann, who becomes a compulsive eater after her father’s death. Gray has a life in NYC and a boyfriend, but leaves them to work at a weight-loss camp down south. The reason: the young girl she suspects of being her father’s illegitimate daughter is attending. Gray is determined to meet and befriend this young girl and come to know her father and his secrets in the process.

One thing I really liked in this book was the interesting cast of characters. As I was reading, I would think: you can’t make this stuff up, and I think I was right as Diana Spechler did work in a weight-loss camp at one point in her life. The issues surrounding food, the extreme personalities, the bizarre and unique yet strangely lovable campers, and even Gray – an unlikable protagonist – all were aspects of this book that made me come back to read it each day.

While initially I would have suggested this book for teens and higher, there are some sexually explicit scenes and situations in this book that in my opinion make it more for adults. Great book for opening a discussion on eating disorders, IMHO.

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