YA Review: Gift by Andrea Buchanan

As a teen, I loved, loved, loved creepy, supernatural stories, where teens had weird abilities or talked to ghosts or were haunted and such. Truth be told, I still enjoy this genre as an adult! I got “Gift” from Net Galley. It tells the story of Daisy Jones, a young girl who lives quietly with her mother, except for the fact that she seems to have supernatural powers. Daisy emits some sort of energy that affects electrical appliances, cell phones, computers, etc. Daisy has worked hard to keep her “power” under control. Then one day her English teachers send her to check on a female student, Vivi, when she hasn’t returned from the bathroom, and Daisy discovers Vivi only semi-conscious. This event draws the two girls closer together and Daisy begins to get to know the strange and ethereal Vivi, discovering that she has been “haunted” by a young man, Patrick, her whole life. When Daisy, her best friend Danielle, and Vivi start having similar dreams in which they all are together in the past, she realizes that her powers are drawing the spirit to her, and giving him power. Her boyfriend, Kevin, is determined to help the girls figure out what’s going on and save Daisy before it’s too late.

I would have loved this book as a teen! The funny thing is that I have heard of people who have trouble with computers, phones, etc. due to a “charge” they seem to carry. At times this made the story more believable than it would have been if it was just a teen ghost story. I’d recommend it for the high school set. It also has a graphic novel and diary as added features.

Thanks, Net Galley and Open Road Media for my kindle copy!

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