Quick Review: The Mozart Conspiracy by Scott Mariani

I grabbed this novel off the “new releases in large print” shelf at the library, and I’m so glad I did!

“The Mozart Conspiracy” centers on Ben Hope, former British Special Agent, as he helps his old flame, Leigh Llewellyn, to solve the mysterious murder of her brother. A pianist, Oliver had been working on a book about Mozart and his untimely death at the time of his own death. Oliver’s theory focused on a splinter group of Freemasons who may have killed Mozart to keep their secrets – well – secret. Leigh and Ben cover several countries, working to solve the mystery of the Mozart Letter, the Mozart Conspiracy, and Mozart’s – and Oliver’s – death; all the while they are running for their lives!

I just loved this book which reminded me of “The DaVinci Code”. The characters were interesting. The plot was complex but not too intricate. The action was fast-paced. The violence was not overwhelming. I have read that it is also the start of a series – which would explain the somewhat puzzling end (puzzling as in “why would an author end it this way??). I would recommend it to those who like Dan Brown, though there is not a focus on puzzles/ciphers. I did think there’s be more historical information on Mozart, but it’s pretty focused on the present day.

Have you read it? Let me know!

Let me know what you think!

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